Why Massage?

massage therapyYou are in pain.

Okay, maybe it’s not pain, but your back, shoulders, and neck are screaming at you for relief. How did things get so tight, kinked, and uncomfortable?

Who Will Come To Your Rescue?

Well, actually, I will. As a massage therapist, I do a lot of things, but relieving neck and back pain is what I do best. I find the deep, often overlooked, and contracted muscles and adhesions that cause you grief in your neck and back. I dive in deep and resolve the problem.

I give a neck and back massage with a punch, while being careful to stay within your pain tolerance.

So, Exactly How Can I Help You with Massage?

I implement a unique application of neuromuscular therapy to reduce your discomfort and dysfunction.

Simply put, I stimulate healing by identifying and removing the barriers that stand between you and relief. My massage isn’t for everybody, but for those who like to feel someone reach in and touch their troubled muscles to resolve their dysfunction, it’s heaven.

If my methods resonate with you, book an appointment today. Drop by soon, and we’ll get you started toward feeling better.



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  • What My Clients Are Saying

    "I love Brent! I went in yesterday for my tune up and as usual I feel like a new person. I've had the pleasure of having Brent "fix" my chronic neck, arm and back issues from many years of doing hair and he is amazing!!!"

    "After two car accidents, just six months apart, and trying many other therapies, Brent was the one who helped me get on the road to healing. He is absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever been to! I highly recommend him."
  • Traumatized or Stressed?

    Try TRE®: Trauma and Tension Release for amazing relief from emotional and physical dysfunction.

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